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How Volunteering with SheTech Boosted My Professional Growth

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Ludovico Besana

Python SheTech Unicredit Bootcamp

Joining SheTech was a game-changer for my tech career, bringing unparalleled value. The pivotal moment? Attending the SheTech Coding Bootcamp #1 powered by Wild Code School, in November 2019 alongside a former colleague. That experience crystallized my desire to make a more substantial contribution. Now, as a SheTech Ambassador, I actively contribute across various facets from organizing events and delivering talks to planning and running technical bootcamps.

Open Source and Accessibility: Choosing Docusaurus and GitHub Pagesโ€‹

Bootcamp Website Screenshot

The revamp of the Javascript and Python bootcamps for SheTech was guided by specific technical and accessibility needs.

Choosing Docusaurus as the static documentation generator was influenced by several key factors:

  • Open Source: Docusaurus' open source license encourages an active community and an extendable plugin ecosystem. This makes content maintenance and updates easier.
  • SEO Optimization: Docusaurus offers out-of-the-box SEO features that help rank content better on search engines.
  • Integration with React: Built on React, Docusaurus allows for advanced customization and UI component reusability.
  • Localization: It supports localization and internationalization, making the bootcamps accessible to a broader audience.
  • Speed and Performance: It generates static websites, which are quick to load and minimize latency.
  • Markdown Support: The ability to write content in Markdown makes the platform user-friendly for developers.

For hosting, GitHub Pages was chosen for its simplicity, reliability, and, most importantly, zero cost. Using GitHub Pages in conjunction with Docusaurus therefore presents a technologically advanced yet economical and easily manageable solution.

The bootcamps are available at the following links:

The Value of Feedback in Teachingโ€‹

"You really know something when you can explain it to a person who doesn't understand anything about it using simple words"

This aphorism is my personal mantra when I am teaching. Receiving feedback was crucial: it allowed me to take stock of my skills, showing me both the areas in which I'm confident and those in which I need to improve.

From Theory to Practice: Mentoring with Industry Giantsโ€‹

Javascript SheTech Deloitte Bootcamp

Over the past three years, I have served as a mentor in several bootcamps in collaboration with giants like Deloitte, Unicredit, and Docebo. These experiences have enriched my professional profile, offering me a 360-degree view of the tech world.

SheTech: Gender Equality in tech worldโ€‹

SheTech Events

With a clear mission to bring gender equality to the tech world, SheTech is more than an organization; it's a community. It offers events, networking, training, and professional development, establishing itself as a key player in the tech ecosystem.


SheTech and Ludovico Besana

Volunteering is not just an altruistic activity; it's an investment in one's professional growth. My journey with SheTech has not only enriched me professionally but also allowed me to contribute to a greater cause.

And you? Have you ever thought that volunteering could be a springboard for your professional growth?